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Yanhua Mini ACDP Solderless Programmer is excellent tool to help you do key programming,mileage correction ,gearbox clone...etc.Programming data without soldering is safe and reliable:no need to remove chip,no need soldering,no need to cut the line,no need to lift the pin.Mini acdp programmer also can read ISN code,Key refresh,EGS clearance,etc...It can work on both pc and smart phone.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programmer Support EEPROM Programming ,BMW,Jaguar/land Rover KVM,Porsche BCM,Volkswagen MQB,Volvo,Fujitsu CPU module Programming right now.Function of airbag ECU reset/maintenance reset ,Gearbox clone for Mercedes-Benz,Audi and various models is under development....
Yanhua ACDP-2 BMW IMMO Package for BMW CAS1 CAS4 FEM BDC Add Key ISN Read Write Module1/2/3 with B48/N20/N55/B38 Bench Board Sale
$1,200.00 $1,300.00
(218) (58)
Yanhua ACDP-2 CAS Package with License for BMW CAS1/2/3/3+/3++/4/4+ Add Keys and All Key Lost Cas Module Replace Sale
$910.00 $910.00
(289) (129)
Yanhua ACDP 2 FEM/BDC Package with Module 2/3 for BMW Add keys and All Key Lost Module Clone Replace Milage Reset Sale
$930.00 $930.00
(286) (126)
Yanhua Mini ACDP Fast Connector Full BMW Bench Interface Board/BMW DME Adapter Used For BMW ECU Clone/ISN Read Write Sale
$619.00 $619.00
(246) (82)
Yanhua Mini ACDP-2 JLR KVM Package support 2015-2018 JLR Add Key Porgramming and All key lost Module9 and License A700 Sale
$710.00 $710.00
(214) (54)
ACDP BMW EGS Basic Package Yanhua Mini ACDP-2 Master Plus EGS ISN Clearance Module 11 For BMW with License A51A Sale
$619.00 $619.00
(271) (111)
Yanhua ACDP-2 for Porsche BCM Key Programming Package Support Add Key & All Key Lost from 2010-2018 Module10 License A900 Sale
$710.00 $710.00
(216) (52)
Yanhua ACDP-2 JLR IMMO Package With Module 9/24 for Land Rover/Jaguar IMMO 2010 - 2020 KVM RFA IMMO Key Programming Sale
$980.00 $980.00
(209) (49)
Mini ACDP BMW Full Package with Module 1/2/3/4/7/8/11 + License Sale
$1,800.00 $1,800.00
(211) (51)
Yanhua ACDP-2 TCU Transmission/Gearbox Clone for BMW/VW/AUDI/Benz/JLR/Ford/GM Gearbox with ACDP-2 and Module11/13/14/16/19/22/26/28 Sale
$1,950.00 $2,190.00
(210) (50)
Yanhua ACDP 2 IMMO Locksmith Package With Module 1/2/3/7/9/10/12/20/24/29 For BMW Land Rover Porsche Volvo Audi with Bench Adapters Free Gifts Sale
$2,700.00 $3,300.00
(211) (51)
Yanhua ACDP-2 BMW DME ECU Clone Package with Module 3/8/27 & B48/N20/N55/B38/X1/X2/X3/X4/X5/X7/X8/MSV70/MSS60/MEV9+Interface Board Sale
$1,400.00 $1,400.00
(272) (112)
Yanhua ACDP-2 VW/Audi TCU Mileage Package with Module 21/25/30 Sale
$950.00 $950.00
(218) (58)
Yanhua ACDP-2 Mercedes-Benz DME Package with Module 15/18 Sale
$750.00 $750.00
(235) (75)
Yanhua ACDP-2 DME ECU Clone Package with Module 3/8/15/18/27 and 12 Interface Boards for BMW Mercedes Benz Sale
$1,850.00 $1,850.00
(219) (59)
Yanhua ACDP 2 Mercedes Benz Package Including Module 15/16/18/19 for DME Gearbox Refresh Clone Sale
$1,400.00 $1,400.00
(222) (62)
Yanhua ACDP-2 Volvo IMMO Package with Module 12/20 Support Adding Keys and All-key-lost for Volvo Semi-smart & Full-keyless keys Sale
$730.00 $730.00
(293) (133)
Yanhua ACDP 2 Full Package With Module 1- 31 Total 31 Modules Including Both Adapters and License Sale
$7,900.00 $7,900.00
(221) (61)
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